Sunsets can be spectacular. I’m spoiled having grown up in Colorado, where the Rockies and high-altitude clouds blaze. Now, I live in Southern California, where the sun setting over the ocean lights up differently and just as amazingly.

The challenge for me is always capturing the light, which I think is probably near impossible, as far as getting the camera’s sensor to report what my brain does in the visual. Though, part of the fun is processing the photos afterward, to see images that can be just as beautiful as the real thing.

I’m learning to back off on my post-processing efforts as I go. I personally try to balance what I’ve seen with what looks good. And that’s subjective. 

I shoot with a Nikon D750 and edit in Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Instax Print Photo Collage

I’m thinking of selling several of these photos as a collection of prints using Instax Mini film. Drop me message at if you’d be interested.