Being a small business, Christian was a breath of fresh air as our Director of Graphic Design. He brought a level of professionalism to our software and graphic designs that we had long wished to achieve. Outside of graphic design, Christian also helped us to better plan and manage our marketing strategy by drawing out of our team the goal for programs we wanted to execute on. This allowed us to focus efforts that would provide the most positive impact and better leverage our limited resources. He was reliable, creative and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Christian with complete confidence.
Leeann Raymond

VP Operations & Sales, edu Business Solutions

As Art Director for Rocky Mountain Institute, Chris was a great combination of creativity and strategic vision. He always took the initiative to take a project beyond what was asked. He also used a variety of team building exercises to structure the needs and creative ideas of a project. Gets along and works well in a team environment. I’d easily hire Chris again.

Bob Wilson

Partner, Maitri Marketing Strategies

Chris and I worked for nearly 2 years together as the de-facto marketing team for Chamber Dance Project, of Washington, D.C. A small troupe, with a fiercely creative and daring choreographer, demanding intensive thought in the visual expression of her brand and work. Prior to teaming up with Christian, I had worked mostly in larger New York Branding and Advertising firms with no shortage of talented creative directors. Chris played at this level, with a somewhat more thoughtful view than most of communication strategy and tactics to build customer relationships and image consistent with overall strategy. His creative firepower was on display as a matter of course, and his ingenuity for clever and “noise” defying tactics was perhaps his strongest suit. I’m happy to chat with you or any of your colleagues about Chris. A considered, thoughtful and amiable individual. I’d sign up to work with him again in a heartbeat. 

Drew Coburn

Chief Impact Officer, United Way of Westchester and Putnam, New York

Christian Tailor-Low is a passionate Graphic Designer and Art Director. His ability to thoroughly understand a project from beginning to end is one of the best things about him. At the Shakespeare Theatre Company, the Marketing and Communications department worked closely on the productions our company produced. Chris was often the first person in our department to read the play and begin thinking about the best way to visually convey the feeling of the piece. Chris is a team player who enjoyed talking with co-workers to help with inspiration as well as help problem solve. I often went to Chris when I needed second opinions or help with an issue I couldn’t see a solution for. He’s creative, thoughtful, analytical and smart. He would be a great addition to any team.

Joy Johnson

Director of Audience Services, Shakespeare Theatre Company

I was one of Chris’s print vendors, and he was a pleasure to work with. His designs were thoughtful and creative. I always appreciated the fact that he liked to work collaboratively to ensure his designs were practical from a production standpoint. Chris would be an asset to any organization.

Karen Petree

Account Representative, Worth Higgins & Associates