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The focus of your final project presentation is your Personal Leadership Philosophy, i.e., what it is and how you will implement it. You will want your PHILOSOPHY TO SHINE! 

Imagine you are in or have just been hired into your dream job (or the next step in your career/workforce progression). Regardless of what it is, put yourself in the role of the leader who is challenged to present his or her personal leadership philosophy to constituents. This could be done in a small group setting in a conference room or to a team of 535 people in a large auditorium or even via a TED Talk – it is up to you, so think big!

What would you say to your audience? How would you explain how you are going to lead them? As you can see, this is MUCH MORE than just reading the “build-ups.” You BELIEVE IN YOUR PHILOSOPHY and are passionate about it, right? Share that passion with the audience while expecting to get their buy-in and willingness to follow you. The centerpiece of your presentation is your personal leadership philosophy. Talk about what it is and how you will lead them. They will want to know—trust me! (Adding the Powerpoint slides is just a visual for the audience. Remember, they should be looking at you!)

This presentation should be exciting for both you and the audience. Of course, you can use some of the components of your project build-up efforts, but I expect this presentation to go beyond what you have compiled over the past seven weeks. Your thinking and ideas may have changed as you uncovered more information and refined your philosophy.

So, I challenge you to think big.


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OH-MY-GOODNESS, Chris!! This is SO CREATIVE and truly FANTASTIC—the future looks SO BRIGHT (I’d better wear shades) !!!!

Creativity, curiosity, community—all come together so easily in your philosophy. I have no doubt your constituents will appreciate your leadership style, while learning, growing and becoming leaders themselves.

The collegiate, collaborative, and clever environment you will establish will undoubtedly flourish (my three Cs for you). You really care about your constituents and will engage everyone with respect. It does not get any better than that!

Again, this is phenomenal, Chris. Your creativity rocks!

Dr. Judie Heineman

Instructor, Point Loma Nazarene University